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Welcome to, the new site for the youth group at New Beginnings Church of the Nazarene in Loudon, New Hampshire! The site is far from complete but at least it is up and running.

Did you like the music on the homepage? It was done by our very own Michael Webb!

Matthew the Tax Collector

In our Current Lessons section of the web site you will find information on our lessons titled "Matthew the Tax Collector". You will also find a schedule of what we will be learning each week along with a PDF file of the homework to be done for that week.

"Woah! Homework?!", you ask.

"Yes, homework."

I don't expect that everyone will be downloading all the files and doing all the homework but I am hoping that many of you will. If you really want to learn the Bible it's going to take more than the hour or two Jill and I get with you each week.

We are putting a great deal of time and effort into preparing these lessons for you. Some of these lessions will be tough to teach in the time alloted each week. Haveing some of the research done each week before you arrive will do two things:
  1. It will help you learn the material better.

  2. It will help us move the discussions along further so that we can cover more ground and spend more time answering your specific questions from the material for each week.

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